Senior Director, Environmental Initiatives

Pittsburgh, PA


Be the catalyst for activity and commitment to Environmental Sustainability for the UPMC system. Oversee and coordinate various environmental, sustainability, and greening activities at UPMC with the goal of upholding national environmental standards and best practices. Act as liaison with the various UPMC communities on issues relating to improvement of environmentally friendly operations, purchasing, and programs. Promote UPMC as a recognized leader in the areas of environmental programs and policies. Coordinate various system wide and UPMC entity-specific project teams. Interact with each business unit's administration and their designated representative to facilitate incorporating environmental, sustainability, and greening activities. Evaluate and document the economic and environmental benefits of the environmental health and sustainability projects. Champion the various UPMC initiatives on environmental health and sustainability projects. Leverage staff identification of innovative approaches to incorporating system wide environmental, sustainability, and greening activities. On behalf of UPMC, facilitate sponsorship of funded community initiatives. Supervise staff involved in the UPMC sustainability office.


  • Monitor all relevant environmental legislation and apprise leadership of potential impacts for UPMC. Establish, monitor, and benchmark qualitative and quantitative metrics of environmental, sustainability, and greening activities for internal performance assessment and comparatively with other health systems, universities, and business entities.o Identify, document, and evaluate existing environmental, sustainability, and greening activities at UPMC.
  • Fiscal Maintain responsibility for departmental budgets and report all activities to system administrative oversight committees. Submit applications for appropriate grant opportunities.Identify business opportunities associated with environmental health and sustainability procedures for the health care system. Maintain financial accountability for awarded and assigned funds associated directly with the UPMC Environmental Initiatives program. Work collaboratively with UPMC's investment group to explore opportunities to improve UPMC investment portfolio towards investments that share UPMC's values in sustainability.
  • Identify outreach opportunities associated with environmental health and sustainability procedures for the health care system.
  • Develop and execute an Environmental Sustainability Strategic Plan for UPMC.
  • Collaborate with Energy Initiatives and Affairs, Supply Chain, Corporate Communications, Health Plan, and Finance to develop resources and leverage sustainability projects for existing operations departments.
  • Where needed, frame and develop new systemic operation policies and procedures that promote and improve environmentally friendly operations.
  • Establish and administrate coordinated sustainability initiative focused work teams across the UPMC system.o Identify and incorporate 'best practices' in environmental management from around the world into the UPMC program.
  • Develop and monitor system policies and programs relating to environmental sustainability and a healthy work and patient environment.
  • Reevaluate the strategic plan annual and changes as needed.
  • Education and Engagement Collaborate with the marketing and/or communications department on a comprehensive communications strategy. In conjunction with UPMCs communication department develop a plan to educate the following constituent of UPMC sustainability efforts 
  • UPMC Leadershipo UPMC employees with targeted efforts for clinicians
  • The greater Pittsburgh Community
  • Nationally
  • Work with Corporate Communications, Legal, and Finance to implement a competition related to best ideas for sustainability Engage senior leaders from across the system to evaluate submissions and make recommendation regarding possible implementations.o As part of follow-up, solicit input from affected department and work with them to
  •  Pilot and assess the proposed change and if expected outcomes verified, develop implementation procedure. Serve as a point of contact regarding sponsorship of environmental related community events/initiatives.
  • Develop website content, educational materials, and associated reports related to sustainability initiatives, education, and marketing in collaboration with internal departments, including information systems, marketing, and public relations. Collaborate with the human resources department and the educational department to provide education about sustainability efforts during new employee orientation and annual departmental training. Frame and maintain program content in the new employee orientation handbook and program. Represent and promote the UPMC environmental and sustainability program among local stakeholders, the community, industrial organizations, and UPMC facilities. Promote health significance of sustainability.
  • UPMC Coordination and Matrix Reporting The following areas will have a matrix reporting structure to the incumbent: Food and Nutrition, Supply Chain (including energy procurement), Center for Social Impact, Corporate Real Estate and Construction, Waste management. Through this structure the incumbent will
  •  Coordinate and promote activities
  • Provide uniform reporting and goal setting in accordance with Environmental Sustainability Strategic Plan
  • Leverage resources across UPMC
  • Assure that all aspects of practicing sustainable health care are addressed across the UPMC portfolio
  • Work with the Finance, Public Relations, and Health Plan to identify and track social, health, and financial benefits of sustainability investments.
  •  Collaboration with community organizations and regional academic institutions on internships and research projects:
  • Collaborate and engage with the academic and hospital entities on environmental issues, research activities, and UPMC operational practices through cooperation with research and technology groups.
  • When administrating an internship, serve as lead liaison to primary points of contact within the system, frame the problem statement as relevant to the program, facilitate communications and requests for organizations information, and advise on performance criteria.
  • Solicit participation in UPMC competitions related to sustainability ideas.


  • The incumbent of this position must be qualified, by education and/or experience, to manage and operate a multi-facility health care environmental program.
  • A degree or relevant experience in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Public Health, Non-Profit Management, Public Relations, or similar discipline required.
  • A minimum of five years' experience as environmental or sustainability manager is required.
  • Experience in a multi-facility health care system environment is preferred.
  • Effective written and oral communication skills, the ability to lead and participate in teams, ability to manage projects effectively, analytical and research skills, and IT fluency are essential to this position.
  • Previous experience managing people including hiring and personnel actions
  • Has the ability to analyze data, evaluate outcomes, and recommend action
  • Has experience in change management and continuous quality improvement
  • Understands cost-benefit analysis in selection of sustainable business strategies

Licensure, Certifications, and Clearances:

UPMC is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Disability/Veteran

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