Public Power (Cities) Director

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Public Power (Cities) Program Director

Help Municipal leaders navigate the clean energy transition

Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes $380 billion for climate and energy programs, was a historic win for the climate movement. But reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building resilience in communities won’t happen on wishes: it will happen on execution. Now, it’s up to state and local governments to implement new federal programs. And local leaders need more support. This is where you come in. 

Climate Cabinet Education is a “climate policy staffer, at scale” for state and local policymakers. As the Public Power Director, you will provide hands-on support and policy expertise to help mayors, councilors, and board members lead their municipal utilities (“munis”) in the clean energy transition while delivering concrete, equitable community benefits. In this role, you will build and support a cohort of local leaders nationwide to connect them with policy ideas and resources to bring IRA funds to their communities, champion building electrification and efficiency, and help them navigate (and end) legacy fossil fuel contracts. You will help them build capacity for municipal and Public Power climate leadership — looping in experts and building partnerships as needed — to ensure that these high impact local leaders have the tools they need to grow the local economy, lower household bills, and clean up the air and water. 

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