The Marketing Manager is a key role to help facilitate the sale of Office Furniture Center (OFC) premium pre-owned, eco-friendly product and MAC Relocations services through proactive outbound marketing communication, maintenance of our digital web assets, internal collateral creation and distribution, active product marketing & video production and advertising. The Marketing Manager reports to the Director of Showroom Sales & Marketing.

Summary of Role and Responsibilities

The Marketing Manager is responsible for the development, execution, oversight and reporting on the functions listed above as well as the management of the people and resources needed to accomplish the specific tasks in each area.

Product & Services Promotion

Product Promotion creates widespread awareness among our target buying base of OFC products, OFC & MAC capabilities & associated brands. It includes but is not limited to the following:

Digital Marketing

o  Identifying of strategies, techniques and methods to reach consumers and buyers through a digital medium

o Search Engine Optimization (SEO): ensuring all necessary pages have proper meta tags and keywords; management of external SEO optimization company to drive up keyword rankings

o Google AdWords/PPC: management of day-to-day operations of PPC account; analyze results and recommend budget

o Broadcast emails through Constant Contact

o Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

o  Develop and manage campaigns and content

o Create and manage annual and monthly marketing schedules

Video Marketing

o  Work with videographer to create and execute effective and attractive video marketing campaigns

o  Distribute videos internally for sales rep use, post to YouTube and other platforms, manage YouTube PPC advertising

Print Marketing

o  Identifying of strategies, techniques and methods to reach consumers and buyers through a print medium

o Direct mail/Postcards

o Flyers

o Marketing brochures

o  Develop and manage campaigns and content

o  Development and distribution of product flyers and other marketing collateral

Manage the creation and execution of content and posting of product information to external websites and marketplaces by company or outside resources (ex: receptionist)

o  Furniture Finders

o  Craigslist

o  Ebay

o  Offer Up/Let Go

o  Facebook Marketplace

o  Etsy

o  Chairish

Management Level Responsibilities

In addition to providing leadership to the above business functions, the Marketing Manager is responsible for the following:

Staff Management

o  Recruit, onboard and train employees for new or replacement positions (as needed)

o  Provide oversight and direct staff activities to accomplish goals, tasks and HPA

Management of Freelance Resources

o  Main point of contact for:

o Videographer

o Graphic Designer

o SEO Company

o Additional resources as needed

·       Lead weekly department meetings

·       Report and analyze metrics monthly

·       Develop processes and procedures for all marketing functions

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The Marketing Manager will be evaluated on the results of the Key Performance Indicators for the department. The Marketing Manager will be responsible for pulling and reporting on these metrics each month. The KPIs are as follows:

·       Showroom Walk-Ins

·       Leads Distributed

· Web Sales

· Web Traffic

· Web Traffic

· Form Fills

·       MAC Call-In Leads

Essential Skills

·       3-5 years experience directing product marketing efforts for B2C and B2B organizations

·       Office furniture knowledge and experience a plus (in marketing, sales, operations or management capacity)

·       Knowledge and experience with digital marketing platforms – Hubspot, Google, Hootsuite, Constant Contact

·       Knowledge and experience with Magento eCommerce database and Wordpress sites

·       Knowledge and experience with eCommerce user applications – Ebay, Etsy, Craigslist, Chairish, etc.

·       Strong written and verbal skills

·       Good people skills

·       Demonstrated leadership

·       Hard working and dedicated employee

·       Ability to perform as Player-Coach 

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