Renewable Energy Wildlife Institute
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About Renewable Energy Wildlife Institute

REWI is an independent, nonprofit science organization comprising leaders in the renewable energy industry, science and conservation organizations, and wildlife management agencies who collaborate on a shared mission: Through science and collaboration, accelerate responsible deployment of renewable energy to mitigate climate change and protect wildlife and ecosystems. REWI works closely with over 40 renewable industry and conservation partners and many other advisors to build scientific research, strategies and tools, and best practices for responsible renewable energy siting and operations. Collaboration and sound science are fundamental to REWI’s work, with the efforts of our small, energetic team multiplied by the insight, support, and oversight of our Board, Committees, task forces, project partners, reviewers, and contractors.

REWI prioritizes a strategic and nimble approach, which allows us to remain a leader in developing solutions to pave the way for a sustainable, clean energy future where renewable energy and wildlife can both thrive. All team members engage in a variety of programs, projects, and activities with a fundamental belief in our mission and dedication to our work.

REWI has a number of programmatic areas: Solar, Wind, Information Management, and the Renewable Energy Wildlife Research Fund (REWRF), an industry-led initiative that advances scientific research on solutions to mitigate solar and wind-wildlife impacts as accelerating renewable energy meets clean energy demand. Housed in and administered by REWI, the Research Fund supports independent, peer-reviewed research.


Washington, District of Columbia, United States