Carbonfuture GmbH
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About Carbonfuture GmbH

Carbonfuture provides carbon removal you can trust to create a just and liveable future. The company’s digital platform tracks carbon from the air to the ground, translates this carbon removal into verifiable credits, and enables the scalable trade of these credits for real climate action. Carbonfuture’s Tracking System solves carbon credit uncertainty by utilizing third-party methodologies, auditing, and certification as well as full digital traceability from physical removal to retired credit. Carbonfuture’s Trading System provides leading companies like Microsoft, Swiss Re, and Klarna access to the most promising and verifiable carbon removal technologies, helping them meet their climate commitments in a transparent and scientifically robust way.

Carbonfuture operates globally with offices in Freiburg, Germany, Zurich, Switzerland, and San Francisco, USA.


Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany