Biomimicry Institute
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About Biomimicry Institute


The Biomimicry Institute (“the Institute” or “TBI”) aspires to build a world in which human design creates conditions that are conducive for all life. Since 2006, the Institute has advanced this vision by promoting the transfer of ideas, designs, and strategies from biology into the design process via its education, inspiration, innovation, and systems change initiatives. 

Building on a growing national and global recognition of the practice of biomimicry, and its potential for impact (particularly in response to climate change), as well as a strong organizational foundation and reputation, TBI is well-positioned to scale and grow its impact in this next chapter. 

Given the current momentum for the movement of nature-based solutions, the Institute has the opportunity to play a pivotal role in addressing widespread social and environmental issues at a unique tipping point for society and the globe. Given the ambitious mission of the Institute and the urgency of the moment, the organization’s work will have impact across countries and industries. 

The Opportunity:

In 2023, TBI will welcome its next leader as part of a planned succession for current Executive Director Beth Rattner, who has led the Institute for 11 years. As it enters its next period of evolution, the Institute is seeking a strategic and dynamic leader to serve as its Executive Director and lead the organization as it scales and strengthens its impact.  

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Missoula, Montana, United States