Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Remote (United States) San Francisco, CA

Take our cloud-based geospatial processing and modeling to the next level. We are seeking an experienced GCP engineer to help improve and scale our compute infrastructure to handle satellite data workflows at global scales. 


You’ll be working on our next-generation forest carbon mapping and conservation technology system: the Forest Observatory. As we expand the scope of the Observatory to cover more regions and map new patterns of environmental change—including carbon sequestration and wildfire risk—we are seeking a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer to improve our existing infrastructure and handle new types of data and modeling workflows.

The ideal candidate will be fluent in Google Cloud Platform services, like cloud run, compute engine, kubernetes and batch, and will have experience deploying embarrassingly parallel and graph-based workflows across GCP services.

This is a hybrid-remote work position located in the San Francisco Bay Area.


  • Increase the flexibility of existing software to handle new data and machine learning workflows
  • Co-design and deploy infrastructure and services to reduce costs
  • Troubleshoot incidents and implement preventative solutions
  • Build improved logging and reporting

Required skills and qualifications

  • Google Cloud Platform (not looking for an AWS engineer to transition to GCP)
  • Serverless deployment or container orchestration services
  • Infrastructure as code deployment
  • Experience with DevOps practices and principles
  • Python development
  • API development
  • Linux sysadmin

Preferred skills and qualifications

  • Experience with geospatial software, geospatial data, or mapping services
  • ML Ops experience
  • Experience with our core tech stack (Flask/FastAPI, Tensorflow, TiTiler, PostGIS, GCS, Jupyter, Rasterio, Geopandas)
  • Kubernetes
  • Argo
  • Zarr, Dask, Xarray

About us

Salo Sciences is a climate technology company on a mission to protect and restore forests as a means to fight climate change. We work to implement forest-focused natural climate solutions—protection, restoration & improved management—by quantifying, mapping, and monitoring the worlds forests with satellites, airborne lasers, artificial intelligence, and ecological modeling.

Join our growing team as we build a global forest carbon mapping and monitoring system for increased transparency and accountability in climate mitigation projects and markets. You will be directly contributing to tangible, meaningful solution to reverse the rate of climate change.

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