Transportation Demand Management Program Manager Posted Mar 28
ALTRANS TMA, Inc. , Mountain View, CA (South SF Bay Area)
ALTRANS is accepting resumes for a TDM management position in the South San Francisco Bay area.

History & Background

ALTRANS is a TDM company skilled at identifying alternative transportation needs, developing shuttle and commute services, route optimization and management of turn-key Transportation Demand Management (TDM) operations. ALTRANS staff has been actively engaged in alternative transportation planning and trip reduction services for the last 25 years.

ALTRANS has been involved with dozens of alternative transportation programs in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. As a result of this work, we have been the recipient of various TDM and trip-reduction related awards from local and nationally recognized organizations such as Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Under the direction of ALTRANS’ management, the South Bay TDM Program Manager position will be assigned to work on TDM Programs with ALTRANS’ current and future client base in the South Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. The South Bay TDM Program Manager engages in the new business development and the fiscal and personnel management of effective trip reduction programs, organizes and implements outreach events, leads special alternative transportation projects, and is responsible for process evaluation reporting on all activities specific to reducing SOV trips.

Assignment & Compensation

Status: 40 hours per week; full-time; exempt. Schedule includes normal business hours.

Work Location: Santa Clara County

Compensation Package: Starting salary: $88,000; 401(k) plan with 4% match; generous medical coverage reimbursement; mobile reimbursement; competitive Paid Time Off and other leave benefits.

Role Description

Business Development:

-Identify potential new clients and programs in the South Bay Area.
-Develop and submit proposals; Follow through with proposals and secure new business.


-Establish goals and objectives that are consistent with the future growth, development, and expansion of employer work site(s). Establish vehicle trip reduction targets for employees and clients. Delegate and manage.
-Identify roadblocks and provide viable solutions to alternative transportation usage.
-Identify and comply with federal, state, county and local requirements and clean air mandates.
-Prepare TDM Plans for employer sites based upon survey results and other site assessments.
-Study shuttle bus ridership data and performance measures. Provide recommendations for improved shuttle program routing and schedules.
-Implement and manage TDM program(s) that reflects the needs of employees and clients.
-Make recommendations for improvement, revision, reallocation, and expansion of program funding and elements to meet SOV reduction goals.
-Develop and update a dynamic TDM plan which forecasts program elements and goals beyond the current scope.
-Track, maintain and present program-wide data ranging from daily bicycle rack usage to annual changes in SOV rates; identify whether mandatory measures were met by SOV reduction.
-Perform additional tasks as needed and directed.

Administration & Monitoring:

-Understand and follow program budgets.
-Manage supporting staff and vendors.
-Develop, implement and coordinate transit and rideshare commuter subsidies.
-Conduct baseline and annual Employee Transportation Surveys.
-Conduct on-board shuttle bus surveys.
-Provide written reports of surveys, including assessments and recommendations.
-Document cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the TDM program quarterly and annually.
-Draft monthly reports for TDM operations.
-Coordinate time-sensitive deliverables and meet deadlines.
-Coordinate Transportation Management Association (TMA) meetings.
-Perform additional tasks as needed and directed.
-Discourage on-street parking through parking management and monitoring

Marketing & Customer Service:

-Develop marketing and promotional strategies to enhance participation in TDM programs.
-Design and distribute flyers, posters, brochures and signage.
-Coordinate transportation fairs; present commuter information at new employee orientations.
-Staff Transportation Information Center during scheduled hours.
-Provide personal trip planning sessions with commuters.
-Maintain car sharing, electric vehicle charging stations and vanpool programs.
-Update and maintain commuter website and online ride-match system. -Identify and communicate potential rideshare matches.
-Work with public transit and private shuttle bus operators.
-Develop, implement and coordinate transportation projects such as transit, rideshare, private shuttle busing, bicycle/ped safety and encouragement, telework, guaranteed ride home programs and other transportation services.
-Collaborate with the employer and individual departments and meet with community groups, local business coalitions, and others regarding the TDM program.
-Identify and refer potential clients to ALTRANS management; assist in securing new business opportunities.
-Perform additional tasks as needed and directed.

Desired Skills

Education & Experience:

-Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university and/or transferable experience.
-Over three years of increasing responsibility in project/program and personnel management, operations, outreach/marketing and/or business administration, preferably in the TDM field.


-Well-rounded skill set; can provide program coordination and management support where needed.
-Comfortable and successful in new environments; can work with all levels of management and staff.
-Outgoing with the ability to professionally market/promote a multi-faceted program.
-Time Management; uses resources and time well to solve problems and complete deliverables quickly and efficiently.
-Level headed; understands what priority an issue has and reacts appropriately; deals with unforeseen circumstances with calm and resolution.
-Support Oriented; can identify needs of team members and offer support where most needed.
-Demonstrated knowledge of and experience in developing and submitting proposals/plans and implementing/coordinating the proposed services and objectives.
-Organized; manages data well.


-Demonstrated knowledge of and experience in maintaining records, developing and conducting surveys, documentation techniques, and basic research methods.
-Provide basic shuttle, transit & bicycle planning.
-Well versed in Excel worksheet construction geared to solve problems and answer questions.
-Document creation and preparation using Word; strong ability to proof, manipulate document layout, create documents for varied applications (executive summaries, marketing material, reporting, etc.)
-Ability to use route mapping software.
-Project management tools
-Problem solving and research; ability to use intuition and reasoning to solve a problem.


-Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; professional, courteous, friendly, mindful of others.
-Ability to warmly convey empathy, understanding, and assistance to community groups.
-Honesty; holds personal integrity, the value of one’s word, and work ethic, in the highest regard.
-Advocates for commute alternative programs and regularly uses transit, cycle commuting and other modes of transport.

Application and Selection

The following procedure and documents are required for job consideration:
-Submit Cover Letter, Resume and Supplemental Questionnaire (see below).
-Conduct phone interview for qualified applicants.
-Schedule 1st formal interview for qualified applicants.
-Depending upon the outcome of 1st Interview, provide Job Application.
-Contact References.
-Conduct second formal interview for qualified applicants.
-Background check for qualified applicants – additional interview.
-Job Offer.

Supplemental Questionnaire

If you submit your cover letter, resume and responses to these related questions, ALTRANS staff will contact you to let you know if we are interested in pursuing your resume/application. Thank you.

1. Summarize your relevant job experience as it relates to the “Role Description” and “Desired Skills” portions of the job posting.
2. Describe in more detail one project or program that you personally developed, implemented and/or managed.
3. Describe your experience in securing new business.
4. Describe in more detail any planning, survey or program analysis activities that you have participated in.
5. Describe in more detail any promotions, marketing or advertising activities that you have participated in.
6. Describe your familiarity, engagement and general connections with South Bay commute transportation modes, available resources, agencies and key stakeholders.