Sustainability Program Manager Posted Mar 05
The University of the South , Sewanee, TN
The Sustainability Program Manager supports and provides leadership in the development, implementation, evaluation, and further improvement of programs and activities aimed at advancing environmental stewardship and sustainability at Sewanee, and towards making lasting change. This position impacts Sewanee students, faculty, staff, alumni, as well as the university community through the Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability’s five focal paths:
- Collaborative Stewardship,
- Practical Training,
- Outreach and Education,
- Inspiration and Immersion,
- Evaluation and Reporting.

1. Develop, manage, implement, and improve sustainability related programming and/or activities.
2. Support the recruitment and management of student team members.
a. Develop and encourage a team dynamic within the Sustainability Office staff.
b. Support the development of professional skill sets within team members.
c. Seek new and innovative projects or other means that foster relationships and involvement among all educational majors.
3. Support and communicate with various operational staff members to help create and prioritize institutional goals, create student opportunities, and further develop sustainability reporting.
4. Serve as the Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability point of contact for marketing and communications. Develop, coordinate, and/or participate in promotional activities such as website management, social media, visual communications, newsletters and/or other promotional materials and/or publications.
5. Supervise the Sustainability Coordinator and provide direction and oversight.
6. Develop specific programs to meet the needs of the larger sustainability program that allow it grow with the needs of the student body.
7. Manage the University’s Sustainability Tracking and Assessment Rating System (STARS) status and manage the University’s Second Nature reporting. Update the STARS submission at least every three years to keep the University’s information current; disseminate and communicate the University’s STARS results; and, identify means and methods for continuous improvement.
8. Assist the Director in strategic and long term planning for sustainability and provide support in updating the Sustainability Master Plan. Monitor and evaluate program effectiveness, and recommend and implement modifications to improve program effectiveness.
9. Facilitate the participation of students and staff in national sustainability organizations and meetings, specifically, but not exclusively, Planet Forward, and Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).
10. Other duties as assigned.