Piste Verte , Miami, FL
Piste Verte is seeking a Sustainability Administrator to oversee programs and projects related to sustainability and climate initiatives. Professionals that are motivated to take on today's greatest challenges and rewards in the field of sustainability. Professionals who are passionate about making a difference and achieving our mission: We Build Community, in a fast-paced organization that operates by vision, strategy, communication and action. Would you fit in?
Manages projects and programs involving energy, sustainability, and climate resilience
• Leads organizational sustainability and resilience planning, and provides comprehensive planning support
• Tracks and reports on performance metrics related to programs and projects; interprets and analyzes technical and statistical information
• Provides technical and planning input on sustainability and resilience to other internal and external stakeholders
• Attends meetings, reviews reports, and makes recommendations concerning projects
Demonstrates the ability to manage the course of a project in the most efficient and effective way
Competences :
- Projects self-control, confidence, and composure while managing emotions, time, energy, and performance.
- Speaks, writes, and listens effectively in a variety of circumstances, shares information and ideas with others.
- Ethics and Integrity: Degree of trustworthiness and ethical behavior of an individual with consideration for the knowledge one has of the impact and consequences when making a decision or taking action.

Other key attributes include :
A strong desire to impact People and the Planet Positively , combined with an interest in Communication and Video skills.
A high level of autonomy , both intellectually and operationally.
Being Fluent In French is a Must , and speaking spanish is a plus.