Solar Engineer Posted Jun 01
Atlas Development Group, LLC , Pacific Palisades, CA
An Opportunity for a Solar Engineer

1. Job Type: Green Industry

2. Job Location: Atlas Development Group, LLC, 16821 Edgar Street, Pacific Palisade, California, 90272

3. Job Title: Solar Engineer

4. Number of Positions Open: 1

5. Salary Range: Base salary plus 10 percent of company's yearly net profit.

6. Who we are, together:

Atlas Development Group, LLC is a solar park development company with projects in California, Nevada, Utah and Australia. As a company we have seen the shift from the promise of solar to the reality of what will be with solar as we transition globally to a zero-emissions future. There is lots of money to made in this new industry and Atlas Development Group, LLC is seeking a solar engineer and solar energy lawyer to join the mission that the United States has called us to do. We must rise to this call or we will fail in the 21st Century and beyond. We need you. The United States needs you.

"America has always been defined by the grit and determination of its people, and our capacity to come together in common purpose at moments of great challenge. Across the generations, that spirit of resilience has seen us through war and depression, natural disasters and disease, and countless crises that have tested the Nation’s strength, persistence, and commitment to core values and to one another. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. It is also an opportunity to position America as the world’s clean energy superpower." - President Joe Biden.

It is also an opportunity for you to make a ton of money.

This is a paid opportunity plus 10 percent of yearly profit which will give you a chance to become a multimillionaire, in a short amount of time, with hard work and determination and the flexibility to sacrifice when needed. As part owner, the responsibility is more than a job and the accountability is more than an employee. What Atlas Development Group, LLC is seeking is a rare find. Are you the rare find?

7. Job Description and Background:

Concerns about energy security, availability and costs have resulted in an increased focus on renewable and alternative energy sources. While consumer demand and government incentives have provided ample opportunity for development and growth in the renewable energy sector, increased scrutiny and regulation also give rise to unique and often complex legal and business challenges.

We are committed to being a leader in the renewable energy and clean technology industry, and to being at the forefront of many of the developments emerging from the renewable energy sector.

1) Test or evaluate photovoltaic (PV) cells or modules.
2) Review specifications and recommend engineering or manufacturing changes to achieve solar design objectives.
3) Perform thermal, stress, or cost reduction analyses for solar systems.
4) Develop standard operation procedures and quality or safety standards for solar installation work.
5) Design or develop vacuum tube collector systems for solar applications.
6) Provide technical direction or support to installation teams during installation, start-up, testing, system commissioning, or performance monitoring.
7) Perform computer simulation of solar photovoltaic (PV) generation system performance or energy production to optimize efficiency.
8) Develop design specifications and functional requirements for residential, commercial, or industrial solar energy systems or components.
9) Create plans for solar energy system development, monitoring, and evaluation activities.
10) Create electrical single-line diagrams, panel schedules, or connection diagrams for solar electric systems using computer-aided design (CAD) software.
11) Create checklists for review or inspection of completed solar installation projects.
12) Perform site-specific engineering analysis or evaluation of solar projects involving utility-scale design. Applying knowledge of structural energy requirements, local climates, solar technology, and solar battery storage.

Additional required job responsibilities include:
• Assessment of project sites.
• Inspect solar installations.
• Complete compliance reviews.

8. Application Deadline: July 15, 2022

9. How to apply: Please email Cover Letter, Resume and Brief Writing Sample.