Social Media Manager Posted Jan 25
Really American & Creature Crusade , Rutledge, MO
We are looking for a talented social media manager who is passionate about defending truth, the U.S. constitution, healthcare, women’s rights, endangered species and the environment, as well as fighting for the rights of, and equality for, all dimensions of human and animal diversity. We would prefer to hire a woman and/or minority as our team currently consists of 3 white males.

*Job in one-sentence:*
You will be using our content aggregation tools to identify highly engaging, relevant and timely news, viral images and petitions to post to our Facebook pages.


*Part-time employee:* 8-16 hours a week between the hours of 5pm & 8:30pm central time, 7 days a week.

*Department:* Marketing

*We are looking for someone who...*
`Likes being up on all the latest news and is good at sensing what will motivate people to take action on important trending issues.
`Understands image copyright issues, has at least 1+ years image editing experience and preferably has 1+ years of social media management experience.
`Is very comfortable using Slack, Facebook, Gdrive and Evernote. (Major bonus points if you are comfortable using Action Sprout’s tools).
`Has sales copywriting experience, (major bonus points if you’ve developed and conducting a/b split tests).
`Is detail oriented, reliable and highly self motivated.
`Is excited to learn about cutting edge social media based marketing strategies and tactics from some of the most talented online marketers around.
`Is good at giving and receiving feedback and constructive criticism.
`Has strong written communication skills.

*Key responsibilities:*
`Identify emergent and trending news topics.
`Identify suitable content for posting on our Facebook pages.
`Verify and fact check content for accuracy before posting to our pages.
`Create image-based memes for our Facebook pages.
`Create videos for our Facebook pages.
`Verify rights to use images in our memes and videos.
`Periodically review our Facebook page engagement relative to our competitors and make recommendations for improving our performance.
`Post petitions to our feed and on our viral content.
`Deliver petitions when closed, via email and/or telephone.
`Update our databases of memes stored in Evernote.
`Communicate regularly with coworkers.
`Track time and prepare monthly hours reports.

`Computer and high speed internet connection
`A Facebook account
`An email account
`Willingness to download work-related software
`Able to cope with constant exposure to troubling events
`Progressive values alignment

*Who you’ll be working with:*
You will work closely with our communications manager and founder during your training. You will share feed management responsibilities with our communications manager ongoingly.

Training is $10/hour. Ongoing work is $15/hour plus performance bonus. The performance bonus is based on virality of content.

*About us:*
Really American is a socially media based news and PR firm that helps Americans to protect truth, democracy, social justice and the environment. Really American was founded on March 3, 2016. With over 600k fans we are one of the fastest growing progressive Facebook pages.

Creature Crusade helps people protect and cherish the animals that they love and care about! Creature Crusade was founded on November 2, 2017. With over 16k fans we are one of the fastest growing animal action pages on Facebook.

*What others are saying about us:*
Really American lead by Nathan Mackenzie Brown is among the world’s foremost experts in using Facebook as an effective channel to build large communities around issues that matter to the world. Their growth has been nothing less than phenomenal.
- From Shawn Kemp, cofounder of

Really American is one of Ecowatch’s most prized social media partners. Once EcoWatch publishes a story and it begins to trend, Really American oftentimes picks up that story and not only creates a post that activates an audience to create change, but they motivate the masses to share their content, which then creates a ripple effect of generated awareness among individuals who would otherwise be left unaware. Really American has truly found their niche and we are thrilled that they have expanded to create a page centered around animals and their rapidly decreasing habitat. Looking forward to see what more is to come, love the memes, love the passion, and we are more happy than ever to have discovered ways to generate synergy between our two companies for the sake of our love for Pachamama, Mother Earth.
- Jordan Simmons, Social Media Coordinator, Audience Development at

Really American is one of those companies that is always going to succeed. Their embrace of the cutting edge technology and strategy has propelled them into a digital juggernaut, growing by 1,500% in less the last year alone. Their diversified infrastructure and operating model is one that is adaptable to market shocks, and positions them well to grow and succeed at the highest level in the future.
- Horwitz, Founder of US Democratic Socialists