Research Assistant (ESG Data Collection) Posted Jan 29
JUST Capital Foundation , New York, NY
The Opportunity

JUST Capital seeks research assistants to support its research team produce the JUST 100 annual ranking. Candidates must have a passion for ethical corporate behavior, which is at the core of JUST Capital’s mission. The majority of the work involves collecting corporate data for our annual published rankings. Candidates should have interests in pursuing data-oriented research in at least one of the following areas:

Communities, focused on U.S. job creation, business with abusive countries, jobs in communities, fair taxes, human rights, community growth, and charitable giving
Customers, focused on non-harmful products, quality products, customer privacy, fair pricing, fair customer treatment, advertising and labeling, and customer experience
Environment, focused on pollution reduction, environmental management, and resource efficiency
Shareholders, focused on ethical leadership, compliance with laws and regulations, and investor return
Workers, focused on fair wages, living wages, benefits and work-life balance, diversity, equity, and inclusion, quality jobs, career development, safe workplace, supportive workplace, and CEO-to-worker pay

The primary responsibilities include:

Collecting data from publicly available sources on specific topics related to just corporate behaviors and activities of Russell 1,000 companies
Building a repository for company best practices and issues identified over the course of the internship
Analyzing the data collected over the course of the internship and presenting key findings back to the team
Writing research content that will be published on our website on a topic related to just corporate behaviors and activities

In addition to a passion for JUST Capital’s mission, the ideal candidate will possess:

Strong research, data collection, and data analysis skills, including following methodologies and protocols
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Proficiency in general computer skills, including MS Office (Powerpoint, Excel, and Word) and G Suite (Google Sheets and Google Docs)
Attention to detail and problem-solving skills
Solid time management skills, reliability, and ability to multitask
Eagerness to learn and willingness to ask for help

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