Research and Marketing Intern Posted May 30
Our Historic Moment , Oakland, CA
Come Make a Difference: Increase the Impact of "Our Historic Moment"!

Our Historic Moment: The Book – just released in spring of 2017 – articulates the vision for our activity across the globe, and explores the root causes that block us from achieving it. We tackle some fundamental questions:
> How do we create the world that works for all?
> What do we understand that means?
> And how do politicians, business leaders and non-profits best work together on this front?

We explore what's working and what's not working, articulate the barriers that keep us in the not working realm, and finally move to solutions through a framework for positive change

Your work will entail:
- Brainstorming and identifying good prospect recipients
- Capturing mailing information in spreadsheet form
- Book marketing: email/social media messaging to prospective customers
- Book distribution support

Location in the SF Bay Area is ideal, with relatively easy commute to the East Bay. Work can be done from anywhere within the U.S. You will need your own computer (laptop ideal). The amount of work expected is modest and should be done within 4-6 weeks. Compensation: $15/hour

Please send your resume, if interested. More details at

Finally, no matter where you are in the grand scheme, thank you for all your efforts that align with Our Historic Moment!