Market Research Assistant Posted Jun 23
Exothermic , Remote
Exothermic is a marketing agency that partners with brands in the video game and sustainability industries. Our sweet spot is email marketing and content marketing for companies on the periphery of the games industry, but we also do things like paid ad management and branding/design work.

As of June 22nd, 2020, we’re looking for a remote Market Research Assistant to help us support our growing clients and partners.

What we would need from you:
-Lots and lots of research to identify potential sales leads for Exothermic’s partners (aka intelligence/market research gathering)
-Lots and lots of spreadsheets and/or CRM oversight, including polite nagging, with clients needing business development support (aka maintenance of the aforementioned intelligence gathering)
-Competitor research for various partners
-Stay on top of market trends for a few different industries, primarily in the video games space and the sustainability space
-Track and organize metrics and KPIs for Exothermic clients and their marketing efforts based on the spreadsheets and CRMs

In return we’ll help you:
-Not have to talk to people – we don’t need actual outreach, we need to make things easier for the people who need to do the outreach. If you do want to do outreach and set up a commission structure, let’s talk, but it’s not expected from this role
-Get remote experience – if you want to be remote full-time, you need remote experience and it’s a stupid catch-22
-Learn best practices for digital marketing channels
-Get a foot into the door in the video game industry and the sustainability industry
-Get experience with a few different types of CRMs and online marketing systems
-Work with a very responsive (and blunt) team
-Work with really, really phenomenal clients (we are extremely picky about our partnerships)

This is strictly a remote, non-traveling paid position. It will start at 5 hrs/a week and we’ll go from there. This role could be a temporary contract position but ideally, we’re looking for someone who can create these business development/research documents and then maintain them on a regular basis.

If it sounds interesting, email us at the address attached to this posting with…

-the subject line “Exothermic Market Research Assistant”
-a link to your LinkedIn URL so we know you’re serious
-two paragraphs on why we should pick you
-and one of your favorite gifs

We will leave this job posting up until July 10th, 2020 then cut off all applications.