Executive Director Posted Oct 01
San Diego Green Building Council , San Diego, CA
The San Diego Green Building Council (Council) is a community benefit non-profit. SDGBC originated as a chapter of the US Green Building Council but has assertively developed its own presence and leadership in the San Diego region, while remaining an aligned community with the US Green Building Council. We also maintain relationships with other international bodies representing the diverse array of sustainability and health/wellbeing frameworks in the market today.
SDGBC’s vision is that our buildings and communities will regenerate and sustain the health and vitality of all life within our generation. Its mission is to inspire, educate and collaborate within our community to help transform our built environment into true sustainability. Additional information may be found on our website www.sd-gbc.org . The current version of the Strategic Plan can be made available on request.
The Executive Director (ED) of SDGBC plays a vital role and leads the continued development of a thriving local Council, helping to enhance and expand SDGBC's impact through service to its members and to the San Diego community. The ED also participates and engages in dialog with other communities in California and throughout the US, and with the National USGBC organization as well as partners such as the International Living Future Institute and other new potential partners.
The ED is responsible for implementing SDGBC's business and programs, as defined and outlined in SDGBC's strategic plan. The current Strategic Plan and guiding documents are available upon request. Responsibilities include strategic planning and organizational development, program implementation, financial management and fundraising, staff management, communications and public relations.
The SDGBC Board of Directors (Board) and ED will evaluate work-plans developed to support the strategic plan to align identified goals and priorities that shall serve as the basis for performance evaluation.

The Director's primary duties will include carrying out the vision, mission and strategic plan of SDGBC as follows. The following responsibilities (areas of importance) are listed in order of relative time allotted.
Leadership and Organizational Development
• Perform duties generally associated with the Executive Director of 501(c) 3 non-profit corporations.
• Development and oversight of SDGBC staff, committees, programs, projects, and events.
• Co-direct, with the appropriate persons, the development of an updated 3-year strategic plan with an associated 1-year business plan and budget.
• Serve as a primary contact to the Board. Attend and participate in all Board meetings
(This is a liaison and reporting role to the Board, not a voting member of the Board).
• Provide the Board with materials and information necessary to perform its leadership role.
• Support the board in establishing and implementing policies and procedures with Board approval.
• Assist the Chapter President to serve as the informational conduit about green building practices, standards, market dynamics, and their associated benefits.
• Work closely with Board to develop and implement local advocacy strategies and foster resiliency within the Community.
• Undertake other duties as determined by the SDGBC Board.
• Provide leadership and professional development to SDGBC team members.
• Assist in identifying needs for additional administrative staff, assist with recruitment, hiring and budgeting for staff positions.
• Direct the day-to-day operations of the organization.
• Ensure staff and resources supporting SDGBC programs have technical expertise and training necessary to implement such programs and inspire/educate participants.
• Manage and support SDGBC staff

Financials and Fundraising
• Develop and implement a fundraising strategy, identify and pursue community development /grant opportunities, develop individual donor rosters and serve as the primary point of contract for donors.
• Coordinate activities with Board
• Oversee management of SDGBC finances, including all reporting obligations.
• Work with the Treasurer and/or Accountant in supervising the financial management of the SDGBC including budget preparation, financial reporting and analysis, budget
• monitoring and ensuring fiscal responsibility and sustainability.
• Oversee preparation and writing of foundation endowment requests and applications
• Identify, cultivate, and maintain strategic corporate and private sector funding and partnerships.

• Identify and develop programming strategies that support mission delivery by preparing San Diego market to successfully respond to local and state environmental and building policies
• Direct staff and other operational aspects of the organization to meet programming goals
• Please see the Strategic Plan for a list of active and pursued programs and funding mechanisms

Public Relations, Communication and Marketing
• Develop and maintain a public relations plan and strategy including key talking points and metrics, a list of green buildings in the region (certified and registered), a list of developers, and other relevant PR- related initiatives.
• Maintain and build relationships that may support SDGBC’s outreach efforts.
• Enhance SDGBC's visibility and relevancy within SDGBC's geographic reach as the first source for information on green building technologies, practices, and advocacy.
• Identify and foster local and regional partnerships, alliances, and collaboration with government, community, non-profit, private, and other USGBC entities to further SDGBC goals and objectives.

In addition to the timely and effective execution of duties as outlined above and developed over time in collaboration with the Board, the ED's conduct must reflect and advance the integrity and intentions of the SDGBC.
As ED of the organization, the Board will look to the ED to excel in the following areas:
Working Relations: SDGBC views collaborative partnership as a sound foundation for effective working relations. We recognize aspects of mutual commitment between staff and Board as we work together to advance a common vision. We anticipate the Board and ED will forge collegial, supportive and rewarding working relations.
Code of Conduct: SDGBC aspires to embody characteristics of inclusiveness, civility, transparency and accountability in its deliberations and activities. We anticipate that the ED will establish and maintain open and participatory dynamics as a leader of the organization.
Change Management and Flexibility: SDGBC values excellent judgment, diplomacy and creative problem-solving skills. Given the nature of the non-profit industry and SDGBC’s collaboration and integration with a national organization, the ED is expected to strategically manage and facilitate progressive organizational change, development and growth as challenges and opportunities occur.
Institutional Presence: SDGBC holds as a high priority a high degree of professional and personal decorum in all its public and private interactions, and further values the progressive and non-pretentious character of business activities in the region. We anticipate the ED will establish and maintain an impeccable image for SDGBC in all materials, presentations and personal conduct.
Green Building Knowledge: SDGBC intends to maintain a cutting-edge awareness of green building practices and linkages to sustainability and livability considerations. Technical expertise and education are integral to this leadership position. The ED will possess or actively work to obtain LEED Professional Accreditation within one year of employment with training assistance from SDGBC. A familiarity and/or experience in the green building industry and knowledge of USGBC National, San Diego’s Community, and/or other state/regional councils is strongly preferred.
Sustainability: SDGBC seeks to integrate sustainability considerations within all facets of business, education, and outreach. The ED, along with the Board, should ensure a "Walk our Talk" attitude in pursuit of SDGBC's Mission.
Livability: SDGBC supports its staff in their pursuit of meaningfulness and satisfaction. Family and other personal matters are a cornerstone of livability and do not necessarily conform to a 9:00-5:00 schedule. We expect the ED to exercise appropriate discretion as to work hours and routine in pursuit of balanced priorities between professionalism, efficacy and livability.

Annually, the ED will participate in performance reviews with Executive Committee: one annual formal review and one 6-month check-in. The ED is also expected to conduct similar performance reviews and check-ins with SDGBC staff annually.

In the interest of promoting success for the SDGBC, while under the terms of this agreement the ED will not assist any business or organization a) in competing with SDGBC, b) in preparing to compete with the SDGBC, or c) in hiring any employees of the SDGBC. While employed by the SDGBC, the ED is expected to immediately report to the Board President any financial, organizational or institutional interests or relationships that might be construed as a Conflict of Interest.
The ED will be required to sign, follow and enforce USGBC's Conflict of Interest Policy.

• Knowledge of relevant federal, state, and local laws, policies, and regulations.
• Passionate about and engaged in environmental and social issues and a strong desire
to promote green building, community resiliency and further SDGBC's mission.
• A bachelor's degree or higher in business administration or environmental science/ sustainability is preferred. Other, relevant degrees will be considered. Three or more years of experience with non-profit organizational management and fundraising.
• Working knowledge of green buildings, practices, organizations and markets.
• LEED Accredited Professional standing.
• Experience with strategic and business planning including financial management, budgeting and accounting.
• Experience with project management and interpersonal skills.
• Strong communication skills including writing, preparing presentations and public speaking.
• An analytical mind able to quickly assess large amounts of information and data is very
important, as is the ability to consider and evaluate the interrelationships of numerous factors.
• Exceptional organization combined with leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, self-
confidence, motivation, sound business judgment, decisiveness, flexibility, perseverance and determination.

Your employment with SDGBC will be continuous and at-will: continuous meaning that there is no fixed term nor renewal process, and at-will meaning the ED has no contractual right, express or implied, to remain in SDGBC's employ, and that the ED may resign or Council may terminate employment in accordance with the law at any time with or without cause. The at-will nature of this employment can only be changed in an express written agreement signed by you and the Board President acting on behalf of a duly authorized Motion of the Board.
Despite the at-will nature of this employment, SDGBC looks forward to a lengthy and productive professional relationship. The Board seeks an ED to partner in the development of an institution. More than an employee, the ED is presumed to be the manifestation of the shared goals, policies and visions of SDGBC.
In compliance with federal law, all persons hired will be required to verify identity and eligibility to work in the United States and to complete the required employment eligibility verification document form upon hire.
The hired candidate will serve in a full time, salaried capacity as the ED. The anticipated salary is between $75,000 and $85,000 per year, commensurate with experience, with a bonus potential based on overall organizational health. Benefits include paid vacation and a health insurance stipend. No relocation package is available for this position.

The ED candidate should be forward thinking with clear vision, long term strategic planning, and development experience to take SDGBC to the next level. Above all else, SDGBC seeks to establish a constructive and collaborative relationship in the ambitious, fulfilling and enthusiastic pursuit of our shared vision. Please submit a narrative/roadmap of your vision for the direction of the San Diego Green Building Council within our community. This can be presented in any format the candidate feels would reflect on a bold vision for San Diego Green Building Council’s future. While we anticipate the continued momentum and growth so far to serve as guidance, we welcome innovation and are looking to learn about your vision of what we can do locally to enhance our mission and deliver on our vision in the San Diego region.
Based on their experience and their current knowledge of the San Diego Green Building Council, candidates should outline their strategic vision for the next 3 to 5 years for SDGBC.
The Board recognizes that an action plan towards a mutually agreed vision will be a collaborative effort. If candidates would like to increase their knowledge of SDGBC, they are encouraged to review the “About Us” section links on our website and may reach out to the current Executive Director or to Board members directly or email hr@sd-gbc.org.

Qualified candidates please submit a cover letter, including your vision for SDGBC, and a resume in PDF format to: hr@sd-gbc.org with the subject of Executive Director.

Accepting Applications - September 9th to midnight October 14th
Selection of Short-listed Candidates - 3rd week of October
Interviews and Negotiations - 4th week of October
Orientation to Council Operations Early- to mid-November
First Day of work (with support from current ED) November 1st*
* earlier start date is negotiable

4-year Engineering/architectural degree OR Professional Engineer (PE) OR Registered Architect
(RA) AND 3+ years related* experience
4-year degree in technology, environmental science, physics, or earth science AND 4+ years related* experience
4-year degree in business (or related field) AND 5+ years related* experience
2-year energy management associate degree AND 6+ years related* experience
2-year associate degree AND 8+ years related* experience
NONE AND 10+ years related* experience
*Related experience in sustainability in the built environment, or related fields such as energy engineering/energy management, etc.