Ecovillage Member Posted Sep 09
Camphill Village Minnesota , Sauk Centre, MN
Camphill Village Minnesota(CVM) is home to about 50 community members including adults who have developmental and intellectual disabilities. In this community, people live and work together on 525 acres of organically nourished land. CVM is a non-profit organization and part of a worldwide movement.
Coworkers (live-in support staff) come from all over the world to be part of our community. Some come for one year for a gap after school and before starting their careers, some come seeking a new lease on life, and others come to settle down with their families. At CVM we focus on capabilities, not disabilities. Everyone works together in the houses and in the village workplaces which include an organically grown garden, biodynamic farm, weavery, woodshop, bakery, arts, and herb shop. Each of us has something to offer in community. What will you bring to the table?