Distribution coordinator & community manager for the film « A Quest For Meaning » Posted Oct 05
Kamea Meah Films , Can work from anywhere in the US
Summary of the position

We are looking for a local coordinator to work on the promotion and dispersal of the film A Quest for Meaning in the US. The person will work closely with the US team to build a coherent strategy, and apply it through community management and outreach coordination. They will promote the film in appropriate channels to encourage grassroots screenings in the US. They will be working in complementarity with Tugg for theatrical screenings and Bullfrog for community screenings.

Description of the association and its activities:

Kamea Meah Films was created in 2011 to carry the documentary film A Quest for Meaning (original title: En Quête de Sens) through the entire film process, from production to distribution. They now accompany documentary filmmakers through each step of the production process and help coordinate viewing of the film in unusual venues, uniting ordinary citizens with local associations during the discussions held after each film showing, while also ensuring a large and varied audience for these films that encourage new ways of thinking.

Presentation of the film A Quest for Meaning

The film tells the story of two childhood friends who leave everything behind to go question the workings of the world. This incredible, life-changing journey across America, Europe, and Asia encourages us to reconsider our relationship with nature, happiness, and the meaning of life. More than a film, A Quest for Meaning is a collaborative adventure: Co-produced and co-distributed by the community, the film embodies the story it tells. More information on www.aquestformeaning-themovie.com


- Develop partnerships with organizations and associations to help promote the film
- Build and animate a community of ambassadors and fans of the film
- Coordinate grassroots screenings through Bullfrog’s website
- Community Management on facebook (targeted) and twitter

Required Qualifications

- A people person with (ethical) business skills
- An interest for ecology, societal change, spirituality, social entrepreneurship, and able to identify the main players in those fields Independent and rigorous
- Flexible and self-motivated
- French and Spanish are a plus
- Want to contribute to make the world a better place

Work Conditions

- Can work from anywhere in the US or Canada
- 1800 $ per month+ bonus on screenings you coordinate
- 4 months to start, and up to a year or more depending on how it goes.