Earthworks , Washington, DC (Remote)
Apply online at only. With your online application please include a resume, cover letter, and one of the following Artifacts (Instructions below):

Artifact Options

Select one of the following:

-An organization- or team-wide memo authored by you detailing a new or altered organizational process or protocol of your choice (e.g., detailing a new hiring process, performance management system, benefit/leave policy, review/compensation process, training, staff survey, etc.).

-A project plan example designed by you (e.g., professional development program, team/organization retreat or a change management initiative, learning, and development plan, or developing competencies, etc. ), preferably in a spreadsheet or Gantt chart.

-A performance appraisal completed by you for a direct report or colleague with names and identifying information redacted.

-An example of your choosing based on the workstreams outlined in the job description:
-Talent Systems
-Leadership Development + Performance Management
-Equity + Inclusion
-Human Resource Administration + Organization Operations

Use a clear naming convention to make sure that all artifacts are easily downloadable and well-organized:

-Use short descriptive file names (e.g., PresentPerfectUnitPlan.docx) using fewer than 50 characters.

-Make sure that every file has the appropriate extension (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .jpg, .mov).

-For each artifact include a summary description of the artifact using fewer than 250 characters

-All artifacts should be submitted via our online application at only