Director of Sales & Partnerships Posted Jan 08
International Resiliency Conference & Convention , Ft. Lauderdale, FL (South Florida Area)
This position is responsible for helping reach the overall IRCC sales and sponsorship financial goals through the sale of Partnership Sponsorship packages and the implementation of marketing strategies. The candidate for this role will lead the sales team and support the IRCC sales strategy plan by utilizing internal and external channels while maintaining a zealous resiliency spirit.

The Executive Director will report to the President of the IRCC, Mike Zimmer. Each sponsor and the terms of each sponsorship package is subject to the prior approval of the President.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:
〈 Responsible for lead generation of potential candidates for Partnership packages, and ultimate sale of those packages
〈 Create and execute sales plans for IRCC by increasing sponsorship/partner opportunities
〈 Research and prospect new assets / companies for strategic alliances or partnership integration
〈 Manage and maintain contact with potential sponsor partners throughout the entire process until conference in December
〈 Help grow other areas of IRCC with relationships in business, marketing, and media. 
〈 Attend relevant networking events, meetings or events to further the business relating to IRCC long-term partnerships. 
〈 Conceptualize and implement the most effective marketing strategies to be utilized to assist in the success of Partnership Sponsorship programs.
〈 Create and tailor individual sponsorship proposals to be presented to potential Partner Sponsors. This will include all collateral materials and data to support the goals and objectives of each specialized package.
〈 Utilize the latest trends available in digital marketing/social media to create and tailor opportunities for Partner Sponsors to work on community engagement resiliency initiatives
〈 Perform all tasks under budget requirements.
〈 Daily, weekly, and monthly communication/ updates with IRCC team
〈 Other duties as reasonably assigned or amended by IRCC President, Mike Zimmer, for successful performance of this role 

Qualifications & Experience:
〈 10+ years of sales and marketing experience either from a corporate, B2B, or agency background
〈 Experience in developing and managing successful sales strategies/ campaigns
〈 Familiar and comfortable working with senior managers
〈 Ability to create and modify decks as needed
〈 Passionate about environmental resiliency and comprehensive understanding of pressing, international environmental issues
〈 Previous experience working with resiliency efforts
〈 Confident to sell and present on your own terms
〈 Team player with the ability to work as part of a wider group as well as supervise other staff members.
〈 Strong organization and strategic planning skills
〈 Strong communication and relationship development skills
〈 Working knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint), Keynote is essential.
〈 Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, is a plus
〈 Must be available to work a flexible schedule

Compensation & Benefits:
〈 Commensurate with experience—salary and commission based
〈 Includes benefits