Content Manager Posted May 19
Carbon Collective , Remote, CA (Remote: North & South America)
Carbon Collective:
We’re the first online investment platform 100% focused on climate change. We build portfolios that make climate-focused investing = smart investing, so we can drive as much impact as possible from your IRA, 401(k), and general investment accounts. Backed by top-tier pre-seed and climate VC’s, our goal is to unify our votes and voices to collectively pressure the world’s major brands to transition to climate positive companies, faster. We are an early stage startup that operates 100% remotely. You would be one of our first hires.

Your Role:
We are looking for someone to work closely with the founders to manage and help dramatically expand our online content and social media presence. You’ll direct which types of content should go in which channels. You’ll help us run countless small experiments, stop what’s failing and double-down on what’s working. You will closely follow relevant influencers and make changes to the content strategy on the fly to respond to recent events. Overall, you will create and own the process of generating a dynamic content calendar that puts Carbon Collective in its best position to reach its marketing goals.
- By the end of Month 1: You will have fully audited our website, our existing content, and the online ecosystem. You have clear hypotheses you want to test. You will have taken over some regular content contribution tasks like our monthly newsletter and blog contributions.
- By the end of Month 3: You will have run and iterated upon a series of tests. You feel comfortable analyzing the data with us. You also feel increasingly comfortable delegating the appropriate content development.
- By the end of Month 6: You have a good sense of which types of content are working and which aren’t. While you are still writing plenty of content yourself, you are increasingly relying upon others to help you, primarily outside contractors. You have expanded the content calendar beyond written content into video and infographics.

About You:
Based upon your past experience, you feel excited and eager to come in and help facilitate the vision we laid out above. This means:
- You’ve created, tested, and optimized content strategies from scratch.
- You are well versed across social media platforms.
- You can write an awesome tweet just as well as a fantastic white paper.
- You’re looking to work in a dynamic, early stage startup.

Ideally you have 3+ years of experience working in and helping build a B2C content system. While it’s great if you have a background in climate, sustainability, or finance, it’s not necessary. We believe that strong B2C skills and instincts are transferable.

Our Process:
In addition to the above harder skills, here’s what else we’ll be evaluating in our hiring process:
- How well do you communicate, both written and verbally?
- How have you performed on previous teams? How well have you been able to lead? How well have you been able to follow?
- How independently can you operate? How much supervision and support works best for you?
- How well have you been able to juggle a bunch of tasks without dropping major ones? Did you know when to ask for help when you needed it?

- Salary: $60k - $90k, 0.25% - 0.75% equity (depending upon experience).
- Location: Anywhere within 3 hours of the PST time zone with very good internet.
- Insurance: CC pays 70% of medical insurance for you and 50% for your dependents.
- Personal stipend: You get up to $2,500 every 18 months to spend on a wide range of things to improve your work: new computer, remote office, better wifi, continued education, etc.

To Apply:
Please send a resume and a link to a piece of written content you’re proud of to us.