Eastern Nevada Landscape Coordinator , Ely, NV

Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition, a non-profit, 501c3 conservation organization dedicated to restoring the dynamic, diverse, resilient landscapes of the arid and semi-arid west is currently looking for a Conservation Program Coordinator to join our team. Work will include researching and writing grant, agreement and contract proposals, posting job announcements and interviewing and hiring seasonal field technicians, supervising field work crews and filing progress reports for donors as needed as well as assist executive director in representing the ENLC in public forums as well as other tasks as assigned.


Primary Responsibilities include:

-Assist in writing of federal, state and other organization bids, cooperative agreements and grants.

-Write and implement comprehensive budgets for assigned projects including fiscal tracking.

-Hire, train and supervise seasonal technicians on a variety of projects, including vegetation monitoring and restoration, noxious weed control, endangered and sensitive species surveys and monitoring.

-Prepare technical reports and organize deliverables that meet acceptable standards on federal and state contracts.

-Maintain communication with various federal and state partners with regards to contracts and agreements.

-Ensure high quality data and safety standards are followed on projects.

-Conduct various types of field work alongside seasonal crews.

-Assist the executive director in representing the ENLC in meetings, conferences and other public events as well as other tasks as assigned.

Desired Qualifications:

-Master´s degree in biology, ecology, botany, environmental sciences, natural resource management or related fields preferred. Candidates with a bachelor´s degree will be considered.

-Experience with technical and report writing, especially for governmental entities.

-At least 3 years’ experience supervising field technicians in remote or field settings.

-At least 4 years’ experience in conducting natural resource related work.

-Interest in learning about the Great Basin, its flora and fauna and habitat rehabilitation/restoration efforts

-Willingness to live and work in a highly variable desert climate.

-Ability to follow rigorous standardized protocols and record detailed notes.

-Ability to work effectively in small group settings.

-Experience using a 4WD vehicle in a variety of environments and situations.

-A passion for the outdoors and conservation work in general.

-Desire to live in a small, remote mountain town with fantastic outdoor recreation opportunities for the adventurous.

Additional Information
Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition
ENLC is a non-profit, 501c3 conservation organization dedicated to restoring the dynamic, diverse, resilient landscapes of the arid and semi-arid west for present and future generations. It accomplishes this through education, research, advocacy, partnerships, and the implementation of on-the-ground projects. Through cooperative agreements, grants, contracts, and memberships, ENLC works diligently with its partners to restore these fragile, yet resilient, ecosystems.
Area Background
Nestled in the heart of eastern Nevada’s Great Basin, ENLC is headquartered in Ely, NV. While the area is remote and sparsely populated, eastern Nevada has incredible outdoor recreation opportunities for the adventurous, including over 700,000 acres of designated wilderness. Hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, rock climbing, backcountry skiing, disc golfing, fishing and hunting are a small sampling of the area’s outdoor activities.
Over 90% of the county is publicly owned. This includes lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, and National Park Service. Great Basin National Park is an hour from Ely, providing spectacular hikes, vistas, and camping retreats from 6,200 to 13,159 ft, the summit of Mt. Wheeler. In addition, the Ely BLM District covers 11 million acres including portions of the Mojave and Great Basin Deserts, as well as higher elevations typified by pinyon-juniper woodlands, scrub-oak, and montane conifer, and aspen stands. No matter your preferred outdoor activity, eastern Nevada has something for everyone.
Please send cover letter stating your interest and qualifications for the job with a current resume to: