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21st century sustainability and climate resiliency is our standard. Our professional services are comprised of net carbon zero architecture and sustainable real estate. PI’s doctrine of value creation is rooted in the notion that instituting triple-bottom-line principles result in top quartile performance, sustained competitive advantages, and balanced community impacts. Our philosophy is embedded in our DNA because our organization knows what it means to be socially conscious, environmentally astute, and economically fair.

Our core business unit is comprised of proven climate change solutions that are packed with measurable impact and communicated thru registered eco labels:

CO2e planner®
CO2e developer®
CO2e architect®
CO2e engineer®
CO2e designer®
CO2e craftsman®
CO2e prefab®
CO2e real estate®
CO2e business®
CO2e climate®

Discover how our certified climate services come to life without the hassle. Whether an industry professional or conscious consumer, we have designed affordable and factual sustainable building solutions that can be integrated into any property type. The outcome: tons of reduced carbon emissions that place the environmental benefits and economic rewards to the client.

Our streamlined carbon neutrality processes result in net zero architecture, 100% mitigated greenhouse gas building designs, and sustainable real estate portfolios.


Join PI USA’s Climate Resilient Team

Climate Sales Manager: Full Time, Part Time, Lo-cal, Regional, National


✤ Project Sales
✤ Key Client Acquisition
✤ B2B Engagement
✤ Manage Pipeline


✤ Product or Service Sales
✤ Business Development
✤ Sales Management


Project Example:

✤ Total Project Cost $28‘500‘250.00
✤ Eco Label Fee $285‘002.50
✤ Your Income $114‘001.50


This role is a high commission director level position with possible equity option for the right team members. The income indicated is based upon a minimum 40% commission structure on all contractually binding and executed projects.

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Dane M. Zawol
Head of US Market

Phone: 1 (517) 819 - 4223