Carbon Neutral Project Exec Posted Jan 10
Pre Impact , Washington DC


Carbon neutrality is our standard. Our motto is embedded in our DNA because principles of sustainability are the corner stones of our culture and what defines our choices. Our world needs us to act now, not tomorrow, and not in 2050. Join us-take the first step in achieving carbon neutrality, today!

Achieve increased asset value through our carbon neutrality products and standards. We are combatting climate change head on, through economically viable greenhouse gas mitigation expertise. By achieving Net Zero Architecture & Sustainable Real Estate - we are leading society to our planetary goal of 1.5 degrees.

Our certified eco products are:

CO2e landuse®
CO2e product®
CO2e mobility®
CO2e material®
CO2e machinery®
CO2e workforce®
CO2e electricity®
CO2e cleantech®
CO2e upcycling®

Our carbon neutral standards are:





Discover how our certified climate services come to life without the hassle. Whether an industry professional or conscious consumer, we have designed affordable and factual Carbon Neutral product solutions that increase property value. The outcome: tons of reduced carbon emissions that place the environmental benefits and economic rewards to the owner.

Our streamlined carbon neutrality processes result in net zero architecture, 100% mitigated greenhouse gas building designs, and sustainable real estate portfolios.


Join PI USA’s Climate Resilient Team

Carbon Neutral Project Executive: Full Time, Part Time, Local, Regional, National


✤ Segment sales according to defined eco labels
✤ Acquire and manage sales pipeline according to project list structure
✤ Increase revenue, reduce carbon emissions
✤ Manage and analyze annual sales strategy linked to client requirements and demands
✤ Organically grow sales team: locally, regionally, and nationally through long-term, passionate, and selective talent within each eco label segment
✤ Clarify how it works
✤ Leverage existing professional/personal network to acquire sales, generate revenue
✤ Identify, track, and meet with B2B and Consumers
✤ Manage sales funnel
✤ Ensure stellar client relations and 150% customer satisfaction
✤ Manage, resolve, and document any service and brand related quality control
✤ Lead sales negotiations
✤ Managing pricing tool
✤ Ensure smooth transition through pre and post sales phases
✤ Sales Management


✤ Product or Service Sales
✤ Business Development
✤ Sales Management


Project Example:

✤ Total Project Cost $28‘500‘250.00
✤ Eco Label Fee $285‘002.50
✤ Your Income $114‘001.50


This role is a high commission director level position with possible equity option for the right team members. The income indicated is based upon a minimum 40% commission structure on all contractually binding and executed projects.

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Dane M. Zawol
Head of US Market

Phone: 1 (517) 819 - 4223
Email: info(at)